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What are these white things on my Basil Plant?

It does look like whitefly. My experience with this insect is, it usually shows up when the plant is under stress. And while the plant is under stress it is tough to get rid of. The one that got me ...
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Black/gray marks on new leaves of hot pepper plant

You have an aphid infestation, certainly greenfly, whitefly and possibly thrips, though there's no twisting of then young leaves and buds yet to indicate thrips. You can spray all parts of the the ...
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Why do baby plants (vegetables in particular) just shrivel up and die with no apparent reason?

Welcome Wyatt I too made the same mistake of relying upon these Jiffy type coir+polymeric outer mesh things for my planting and I found them to not only be determinedly resistant to decomposing, the ...
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What are these white things on my Basil Plant?

As this is a supermarket herb, it's not intended or likely to last very long. The pots tend to be overcrowded (though you might have potted it up, judging by the picture), and stripping leaves ...
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What are these white things on my Basil Plant?

That looks like a whitefly infestation to me, there is a thread about treating it here. I wish you well in recovery!
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How can I save my dying cat palm?

My guess is it’s root bound. Small pot for the size of plant and those put out new root shoots all the time.
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Is this Dieffenbachia (dumb cane) sick?

If it's only a few leaves at the bottom that are dying off, and there is still new growth at the top, don't worry about it; that's how these plants grow. Notice the rings around the trunk. Every one ...
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