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We contacted the vendor and they believe that this is Oedema brought on by high-humidity (presumably from being brought inside, and perhaps by over-watering?) We moved it to a less humid location and reduced the watering somewhat, the waxy surface gradually receded, and didn't return the next year. Success!


Avocados are very sensitive to transplantation, repotting, or any disturbance to the fine roots very near the soil surface. Therefore, I would immediately transplant the new tree into a half-barrel or whatever the largest pot you can accommodate. The big issue is filling that pot with a soil mixture that will last for 10 or more years without repotting. My ...


I would say "give it a shot"! Plant the Hinoki Cypress when snow starts to thaw, and not too late into the spring, so it has enough water to develop a solid root system. According to this article the plant is fit for your zone (USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 through 8). You can find other tips on how to maximize the odds of your cypress surviving on ...

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