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Coppicing is more productive than felling and replanting, since you are not wasting time while the tree produces a large root system. Almost all native UK species can be coppiced, but for firewood you probably don't want to grow oak which needs a 50-year cycle between harvests! Willow can be coppiced annually. Other popular "short period" trees are hazel ...


The answer depends on how you plan to harvest the trees as well as how you plan to burn the wood. My answer will focus on coppiced trees because they will not require replanting after harvest and can usually be cut without heavy logging equipment unlike full sized trees. Also, as far as I understand coppiced trees will produce more biomass in a shorter ...


That is etiolation where a plant that is receiving insufficient light attempts to grow taller in order to reach into direct sunlight. In this case, it means you don't have enough light and need to either find a sunnier spot or add supplemental lighting.


The problem you are experiencing is due to low light levels. You can see the seedlings are tending to bend over in one direction (presumably towards where the light source was). UV won't solve your problems - much of the light plants need is in the visible spectrum. A grow light that has actually been developed for plant growth should improve things. In this ...

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