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What's this plant with saw-toothed leaves, scaly stems and white pom-pom flowers?

It's Ranunculus aconitifolias flore pleno - common name aconite-leaf buttercup, though that name largely refers to the single flowered version. It's a hardy herbaceous perennial which prefers moisture ...
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Japanese Maple - Possible parasite identification?

Bug identification, especially when still in egg form, is more than likely going to require the knowledge of a regional entomologist. I am sure the Oregon extension service has one who will really ...
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mystery tree/shrub with red leaves

The Bonfire peach tree (Prunus persica 'Bonfire') is a dwarf cultivar of the peach tree, prized for its ornamental features rather than its fruit. It is a hybrid resulting from crossing various Prunus ...
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What are these white little popcorn-like lumps on my kangaroo paw?

This looks like wax scale see attached link to help resolve this:
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What insect has infested this apple tree

Some form of tent caterpillar. At this small scale you can just take a bucket of hot soapy water, rip the web open and drop the caterpillars in the hot soapy water to expire. Gloves may be advisable - ...
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ID of this flower

That looks like a "rain lily", Zephyranthes genus, of which there are a ton of cultivars. I based the ID on the manner in which the buds come off the main stem, the shape of the bulbs and ...
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How to identify if it is a pink guava or white guava from plant or leaf

The pink guava tree leave veins are slightly pink on the bottom specially the bottom leaves
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ID of this flower

Yes, as per my knowledge, your friend is right the flower shown in the image is a White Lily also scientifically known as (Lilium candidum). UPDATE As per the second image uploaded by you, it is ...
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