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Rubber Plant Leaves Turning Red and Dropping

Ficus elastica is a robust house plant. In the wild this plant can grow 130 feet tall but can be managed so it stays smaller in the home. For most indoor plants the biggest stress factors are: too ...
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Help! How can I save my acer with drooping / scorched leaves?

You've said you're in the UK and that there are no visible roots coming out the bottom of the pot. I think most of what's happened to your tree is down to the weather, specifically, temperature - we ...
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Is My Kentia Palm Unhappy?

Nope, your palm is completely happy. If it's that dead leaf at the base that's got you worried, that's totally normal - the oldest leaves naturally brown off and die when they get too old, so you can ...
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Dying Pachysandra

Good side has sun, bad side is shaded. Cut some trees or transition to a more shade-tolerant ground-cover where shaded. Pachysandra should not need irrigation in your climate, at least after initial ...
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Peace lily green spots growing in pot

This is either a decay agent like mushrooms that is eating the organic matter in the soil or a slime mold which would be unusual but very cool. They are both harmless and are there because the soil is ...
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What's going on with these Snow in Summer plants?

I had this same thing happen to me, and surprisingly what I found out to be causing it was it was getting irritated from being walked on (dogs walking on it). I think it’s a plant that doesn’t like to ...
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