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Apple seedling starting to die

It's not an apple seedling; the flower buds indicate that it's some sort of other seed that sprouted in your pot and has been taking advantage of you thinking it's an apple seedling.
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Help with dying plant

Your question has the essential clue: a hallway with no sunlight. If you look closely, you will see that the new leaves are significantly larger and lighter than the older ones, which the plant ...
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What is happening to my Avocado tree? The leaves turned yellow and then started to turn brown

Congratulations on growing these from seed! Well done so far. The roots are used to pull water and oxygen up. With it being submerged it will not be able to get the oxygen. You can see a similar ...
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Why is my cactus purple?

From my personal experience with succulents + cacti, I run into this presentation when my plants are/experience: too thirsty. Waiting too long between watering can stress out the plants and give them ...
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