I have a garden tap inside my conservatory/summer room. The problem is that every time I disconnect the hose from the tap, I get a gush of water that sprays on the wall and floor. I've tried using a rag wrapped around it but the force is too strong and it sprays through it. Is there a special type of connector for this type of problem?


Gardena makes hose connectors that have a built-in water stop. I grew up with these in Germany. The orange & grey design is IMHO questionable at best, but they work like a charm.
Afaik they are available in the US, too, see the company's website here (scroll down a bit).

Apart from that, it's probably a good idea to switch off the tap and release the pressure on the hose by simply opening the other end - depending on what you have connected, e.g. pushing the trigger on a watering gun or sprayer.

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  • These are also sold as quick connects and come in breakable plastic or sturdier brass. Should be available at most hardware or garden centres – kevinsky Apr 25 '15 at 12:43
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    Yup. Click and done. I have fond memories of the summer when my dad (by mistake) installed one non-water-stop module when all other hoses had them... Got replaced rather quickly. – Stephie Apr 25 '15 at 12:46

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