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Plants that are growing on their own and not planted consciously by a farmer or gardener are called volunteer plants. Use this tag with questions seeking advice what to do with, how to care or how to move such plants. When the question is about identification of a volunteer plant use this tag along with the [identification] tag.

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2 answers

What is this spade leafed plant?

We live in Denver and replaced some of our lawn with mulch a few years ago. Earlier this summer a new friend appeared where we have not planted anything ourselves. We used to have a maple tree about ...
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Unknown plant growing in indoor kale garden

A plant has consistently grown in an indoor kale garden next to the kale as shown in the image below. What is this plant? Even if the plant is unknown, is there a way to determine if such a plant is ...
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How much rain is too much to garden in?

When organizing community gardening events, weather sometimes gets in the way. In most cases a little rain or cold doesn't hurt and the event goes on with dedicated gardeners doing their thing in the ...
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What is this plant with rosette leaf arrangement that grew beside my palm?

What is the name of this plant with small leaves? Is it bad for my palm? Should I keep it or remove it? Or can I replant it into another pot?
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6 votes
2 answers

ID request, please. For a friend in Ventura, CA. Unknown volunteer plant

Update 6/11/2017: Here is the last picture. Since nobody responded after I added 2 pics nearly a week ago, I am answering my own question. Update 6/5/2017: My friend took more pics today! I have ...
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Need help identifying this volunteer plant

I have a raised bed that I recently put home made compost in. I have this volunteer plant growing and suspect it came out of a seed that I may have thrown in the compost bin. Unlike some of you I am ...
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What is this plant that resembles tomato and has small dark fruit?

I got lazy and let weeds takeover a bed near the porch that has some azaleas and perennials. When I went to pull some of the weeds, I noticed this ~3ft high plant that looks like a tomato plant. It is ...
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What should I do with some volunteer potatoes growing in my compost pile?

I have two or three potato plants growing in my compost pile. I'm pretty sure they are some red potatoes I tossed after they got too old. I bought them from a local organic produce store. The plants ...
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