Young ginkgo dwarf tree that’s been planted for about a month. Gets watered twice a day for ten minutes and is in a sunny spot. Leaves are turning brown in the middles and some are developing dark brown crunchy edges. How do I not kill this tree??

  • Hi Lauren, you can help us help you with more details. What part of the world. a picture of the tree, what kind of soil is it planted in.... – kevinsky Jul 20 at 10:16
  • Is this plant in a pot or in the ground? and where are you in the world? – Bamboo Jul 20 at 12:52

That may be too frequent of watering: although its only ten minutes, the soil retains moisture & results in more time of wetness. Maybe try once per day or every other day, as necessary. Also, if in constant sun that may be a bit difficult for it depending on the environment its had until present. And it might be too hot. If it's very hot, the leaves could be drying out but the soil remaining moist/ wet; then maybe try misting in the evening, maybe misting in direct sun wouldn't be good.

Also, avoid adding nutrient until it's thriving (there might even be too much nutrient presently). If it is known to have been given a lot of nutrient recently, that may be whats the matter, and might try replanting it in fresh soil that doesn't have nutrient added, to keep from adding even more to the plants nutrient level.

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