I have been slowly watching spots appear on the new leaves of my philodendron.

They are small, brown and dry (similar in look to leaf tips when under/over watered). They don't appear on the leaves that the plant had when I originally bought it.enter image description here enter image description here I keep the plant in a window (maybe too bright? I have since pulled it away from my the window sill) and water it when the top layer of soil is dry to the touch (about a 1/2" down). It is planted in a mixture of soil and mulch, with very good drainage. enter image description here

I've done a bit of internet searching, (and am now petrified that it's a bacterial issue) but I'm at a loss as to what could be causing this! Has anyone had a similar problem? (am I just a helicopter plant-mom?)

Thank you!


I don't think its a fungal or bacterial problem but an insect infestation. I suspect your plant has spider mite - the little dots in the leaves suggest that, and under magnification, I think I can see what looks like some fine webbing down on the lower stems of the plant, together with some white dots that might be mites. Check with a magnifying glass to make sure that's what I'm seeing - if it's spider mite, a horticultural oil spray or Neem spray should be helpful. For more: Philodendron Plant Care.


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