I've read the answers to two similar questions but as the answers were opposing, i couldn't be sure what action to take. Here is what I have:

Here (Figure 1) is my Avocado plant, which i had potted with no leaves (it had rooted in water), 1.5 month ago.

Figure 1: Avocado plant.

Brown spots started to occur on the oldest leaves and now they are spreading through the younger ones. Here are some photos of the brown leaves.

Figure 2: Brown leaf. Figure 3: Brown spot detail.

Now I will give information about the other conditions of the plant.

The soil I use seems me a little strange but the seller had told me that she also planted an avocado with this soil. It looks a little reddish, and it is a light media. You can see the soil below.

Figure 4: Soil media.

It has some white, salt like things in it, probably the minerals.

Figure 5: Minerals in the soil.

Here is the information on the soil package.

Figure 6: Soil information.

It is in a clay pot (but dyed), with a single hole at the bottom. I had also put some stones at the bottom for drainage.

Figure 7: Pot. [![Figure 8: Pot hole.][8]][8]

I water the plant rarely, when the soil dries like 3-5 cm, or, when the leaves bends slightly.

It stands near a north-east facing window.

I couldn't decide if the cause is too much fertilized or poor fertilized soil.

Waiting for your suggestions, thank you :)

Edit: 15.03.2019,

It's getting worse. Vermicompost and changing to a normal soil didn't work. I had also taken the plant to the south-east window for more sunlight.

[8]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/sL6lq.jpgenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

  • Is the soil you used actually potting soil, in other words, meant to be used for plants growing in pots? – Bamboo Feb 7 at 18:58
  • Yes i guess, It says "for seeds, garden plants, pot plants (this what you mean i think), vegetable gardens, greenhouses and tree seedling as base". – Dila Feb 8 at 7:07
  • Not sure what this is - doesn't seem to be fungal in origin. Is there anything under the leaves, especially on the other side of the visible brown spots? The soil in the pot looks dry - how much water do you give it when you do water? – Bamboo Feb 8 at 12:56
  • The photo shows under the leaves actually. Brown stains seem lighter at the top. Like they are occuring at the back but also visible from the top. – Dila Feb 9 at 5:37
  • 1
    The stones in the bottom of the pot are not necessary and can actually cause what's known as a perched water table. Apart from the soil appearing too dry, I don't really know what those spots are - if the soil was too wet, it might have been anthracnose. Possibly a build up of salts in the soil, maybe... – Bamboo Feb 10 at 12:49

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