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Questions tagged [terrarium]

Glass enclosure of some sort used to display and to create optimal conditions for plants. Such object can be jars, glass domes, etc.. Use this tag with questions about how build, maintain, keep clean or how to pot it up with plants and how to decorate them with non-living objects such as rocks and twigs.

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1 answer

My fittonia doesn't feel so good - what could be the issue?

🎶Last Christmas 🎶in twenty twentytwo, 🎶I gifted my daughter 🎶a small terrarium. The little leaflet that came with it didn't specify what plant it was, but it looks a lot like a fittonia (nerve ...
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Care (especially water, but also light) for a terrarium with a hole in the cork

I bought two terraria for Christmas presents, glass globes about 10-15cm (5") in diameter, with cork stoppers. They have a coleus, moss and another plant I don't recognise. All the guidance I've ...
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How can I set up a soil-free terrarium in a fish bowl?

I have an unused fish bowl lying around. I am keen on building a terrarium, which can include pebbles, rocks and other 'macro-stones' if you will, but not soil. I personally find soil quite icky to ...
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What plants would do good in Central America vivarium, on coco fiber substrate?

I made a vivarium and I'm looking for plants that could live happily there. Conditions will be: Temperature 22°C to 35°C / 72F to 95F; there will be a hot end and a cold end Humidity around 40%, once ...
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2 answers

Growing plant in a composting terrarium

I was thinking about throwing compostable rubbish into a jar and growing a plant in it while the jar lead is closed as a terrarium before the composting proceeds—and then leave it as it is. I am not ...
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What causes algae growth in sealed terrariums and how much of a problem is it?

I've had a bottle terrarium since May last year, and it has seemed quite healthy for most of that time. The plants have at least grown very well. It has a substantial layer of sand and gravel topped ...
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7 votes
2 answers

What plants can I grow in an air-tight jar?

Recently I found out about a way to grow plants in air-tight jars, where the plant is recycling water and air so it is basically a no-maintenance plant. There is a product available from Pikaplant (...
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3 votes
1 answer

Mounting Air Plants and commonly used terrarium substrate safeness

I'm wanting to put together air plant (Tillandsia) terrariums and hanging decor for gifts. I'll be making 8-9, and want each one to look different. I read on a Google search you can use silicone glue/...
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Is having moss in your terrarium similiar to a layer of activated charcoal?

I am making a terrarium and almost everywhere (on the web) it says to add a layer of activated charcoal between the soil and drainage rocks. I plan on creating a sort of 'meadows' look by making small ...
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How can I keep my flamingo plants small for a terrarium?

I have some flamingo plants, Anthurium sp., growing in my 60x100x60 cm rainforest terrarium. My problem is about this big one here It's about 60cm in height, and I want it to keep it a bit smaller ...
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