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White Spots on Hoya Image - What are they? How to treat?

I adopted a fairly large (neglected) Hoya / Wax plant and ever since its been in my care it has had dappled white spots on the leaves. I always assumed these were the way the leaves grew - until a ...
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Is there mold or mildew growing in/on my Kalanchoe?

I picked up a Kalanchoe at the beginning of the summer without knowing anything about their care. I ended up over-watering it at first, which made it leggy and it grew many smaller leaves than it ...
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How can I treat powdery mildew

I have a grape vine in my garden and each summer it starts off fine but then Powdery mildew seems to kick in as the summer progresses. Is there a way I can treat it?
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is this powdery mildew growing on my young carrots?

I can't tell if this is powdery mildew as it doesn't seem powdery and is instead concentrated blobs of white. It also doesn't come off when I wipe it, unlike the videos I've seen. The leaves are still ...
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Should I be Concerned About Mildew, etc. on Mulch?

Sadly, the brand names for bagged mulch found in the "Big Home Improvement" stores are pretty low quality nowadays. I put down some recently in my garden bed and almost immediately after a ...
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Does it make any sense to heat soil in an oven in effort to kill pathogens?

So this year, a lot of my inside potted plants got attacked by powdery mildew and other afflictions. All affected were previously given soil that I sifted from the composter that is on the porch of ...
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What are these white spots on the leaves of my fig tree?

I have a fig tree in my flat and some white spots have appeared and get more and more numerous and spread more and more over the leaves. It is not removable when rubbing with a tissue. I can't find ...
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Why does this zz plant have white residue and holes?

My ZZ plant has developed a thin white residue and holes on some of the leaves. We have had the ZZ plant about a month where it sits in a corner of the bedroom by a window. We have watered it once in ...
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How do I tell the difference between fungus and natural coloration in zucchini?

I've read that white patches on zucchini can be natural, powdery mildew, or another fungus. How do I know which? 2 of my zuchinni have large patterns of white areas on all leaves older than about a ...
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What kind of orange tree disease (or not) is this?

There's a white discoloration on the leaves of my satsuma orange tree: Photos: I'm uncertain if this is something that needs to be treated, or if it's just residue ...
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Is There Powdery Mildew On My Lily Plants?

Recently, there was a large rainstorm in my area, which soaked my lilies’ leaves thoroughly. Afterwards, and even for a while before then, I had noticed small white dots on their leaves. If this is ...
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Treating powdery mildew

Our tomato plants got powdery mildew problem, because of wildfire at west coast, there was not much sunlight, and even some leaves at top has powdery mildew problem, as you can see in the first ...
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Is this powdery mildew? Plant is potted and was unwatered for a long period

A potted everlasting sweet pea in my garden nearly died due to lack of water earlier this year. I managed to revive it but its older leaves are yellowing and have what looks like powdery mildew ...
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Diagnosing white fuzz on kale. Is this powdery mildew?

I think I'm dealing with powdery mildew, but I want to confirm that diagnosis. Context: I'm in Portland, OR. I've got several raised beds with a couple kinds of kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, some ...
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How effective is neem oil as a preventative measure against powdery mildew?

I regularly use neem oil in my garden to help suppress the presence of white flies, aphids and certain soft-body caterpillars. I'm curious if neem oil can be effective in addressing powdery mildew on ...
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Are these Holly tree leaves affected by White Mildew?

I just noticed that one of my Holly trees has some leaves with white tips like these: It doesn't quite match pictures I've seen of White Mildew online, but I've never noticed this before so wanted to ...
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Powdery mildew on oak (Erysiphe alphitoides?)

I have an oak (Quercus robur) sapling I've grown from seed in a pot (it is 2 years old) and its leaves are exhibiting a powdery white mildew. After some searching online I think it's a case of ...
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Is having moss in your terrarium similiar to a layer of activated charcoal?

I am making a terrarium and almost everywhere (on the web) it says to add a layer of activated charcoal between the soil and drainage rocks. I plan on creating a sort of 'meadows' look by making small ...
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