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Is this powdery mildew? Plant is potted and was unwatered for a long period

A potted everlasting sweet pea in my garden nearly died due to lack of water earlier this year. I managed to revive it but its older leaves are yellowing and have what looks like powdery mildew ...
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My plants were soaked with soapy water and are dying, how do I revive them?

I planted 3 sweet peas in early April and they were doing great. At the end of May, my son got a slip and slide and he put soap on it. All the soapy water drained to where they are planted. They ...
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Is this some type of sweet pea?

This plant was a gift and the flower keeps coming back. Is it a sweet pea? I can’t be sure because the leaves don’t look like sweet pea, at least that I know of. It is so pretty.
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Potted sweet peas have shot up quicker then expected

Please help i've never grown sweetpeas and wasn't sure what to expect when I chucked the seeds that had started to grow in the packet in with the ones i'd started already and now they have all grown ...
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How do sweet peas compare with morning glories in terms of growth, coverage, etc.?

I plant morning glories every year in containers to climb up the walls of my terrace, but this year am having a lot of trouble with them. When buying the seeds, I saw sweet peas as well, and decided ...
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