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The process of removing the top growing point of a plant.

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My fuschia is dying after pruning

We have a home garden and recently fuschia was added to our collection. it was all great looking and healthy but after a few days there were no blooms and it was all leaves on the plant. I did read ...
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Should I pinch my first celosia blooms?

This is my first year starting annuals from seeds, mainly for containers. I've read that pinching off the first blooms helps the plant produce more blooms and form a bushier habit. I started my seeds ...
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Should I pinch out the flowers on my potato plants?

After a very warm and dry spring, my potato plants have already started to bloom in early June. I wondered if they are putting a significant amount of energy into producing the flowers, and if ...
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Where and when to pinch back for bushy basil

I've read that "pinching back" or pruning basil plant (ocimum basilicum) will produce a bushier, less leggy, plant. Where on the plant do you cut? When do you cut? How often? Does age of plant ...
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How many basil plants required to produce seed?

I have 5 groupings of basil plants, each containing between 5-7 unique plants. I would like to produce enough seeds (say 100) to replant the same total amount of basil next season. I have throughout ...
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How long can I continue to pinch flowers from a basil plant

I have 10-15 50cm tall lettuce basil plants hanging in large flower pots over my balcony. They are approx. 14 weeks old. I have for about 4 weeks now been cutting the tops of the plants or pinching ...
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Is it too late to pinch back my avocado plant?

I'm growing an avocado plant from the pit (started with the toothpicks and glass method). Unfortunately I was out of town when it hit its growth spurt and therefore was not there to pinch back the ...
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23 votes
3 answers

What is the right way to pick peppers so the plant keeps producing?

Does it matter where on the stalk you cut or remove the fruit off the plant so that you don't suck away its future earning potential? Let's take the photo here, of a Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum), ...
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12 votes
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Should I pinch off flowers that form on chives?

I've got chives that are growing like crazy. Recently, I noticed they are flowering, which I and my wife appreciate for the beauty. But we also appreciate chives for their taste and answers to other ...
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How do I actually "pinch out" a pepper plant?

I've been given a few peppers plants a few weeks ago, which I'm now trying to grow inside, on my sunnier window ledges. While trying to find out how to care for them, most advice I've found seems to ...
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