I've got chives that are growing like crazy. Recently, I noticed they are flowering, which I and my wife appreciate for the beauty. But we also appreciate chives for their taste and answers to other questions indicate that pinching the flowers is advised for herbs to prevent them from maturing. Is this true of chives as well?

By the way, I noticed in my research that the flowers of chives are edible. So when I get home, at least one flower will get pinched off!

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I always leave my chives to flower and only dead-head later - the flowers are very popular with bees! I've never noticed any change in flavour or growth. Chives should last - and spread - for many years after planting unless they really dislike where they're planted or you have extremely severe winter freezing.

  • Their in a pot, love their location and are inside. I think they'll be good. Thanks for the suggestion and information. Jun 17, 2011 at 17:25

Growing like crazy is a good way to put it. When you pinch off the plant concentrates more of its magical growing potential into the roots, and hence you have a lot more chives next year.

That being said, it certainly won't be the only reason they take over your entire garden. I don't think chives will last very long after flowering regardless of whether you pinch them off or not though.

My son and I like to eat them too, they leave you with the raunchiest possible breath!

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