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Common house plant genus with long leaves 20 to 90 cm long native to Asia and Eastern Australia. Poisonous if eaten. Use it with questions about caring, propagating and identifying Alocasias.

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Toxic painted on gardens bed

I am new to gardening. I painted my gardens bed with toxic paint . Please what can I do to fix this. I do not know what to do . I am new.
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Diy treatment for spider mites on Alocasia (Elephant Ears)?

Assuming it's spider mites, is there a DIY treatment that I can use to eliminate, or control, the spider webs on my Alocasia plant? I cleaned each leaf a few days ago, and it's already coming back. I ...
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Yellow spots on Alocasia leaves

I have a pretty new Alocasia (1-2 months), stays indoors (currently an average of ~20-10 celsius day/night) in a bright room but with no direct sunlight. It started developing those yellow spots on ...
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Yellow and black spots on alocasia

Can someone help me ease identify the spot on my alocasia leaves? Is it too much sunlight?
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Alocasia amazonica - brown/red spots

I have been gifted this plant one month ago. According to it is an Alocasia Amazonica. One or two weeks ago some of the leafs started to show a brown spot and some reddening on the side. The ...
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How to encourage my Alocasia xAmazonica to make new offsets?

My Alocasia xAmazonica has gone through its second winter and is expected to break dormancy soon. It has got many new leaves throughout latest growth season, but at the moment just three remained. I ...
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What are the best methods for propagating Alocasias?

Recently I added some Alocasias to my collection of indoor plants. I got two stingrays and they came in pretty bad shape with root rot. One survived. Can you snap a leaf off and propagate it in water ...
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Why are the new leaves of my poly elephant’s ear turning yellow?

I just purchased a Poly Elephant’s Ear from my local nursery. It was in good condition prior to taking it home ( no yellowing of leaves). 3 days later, I noticed two new baby leaves have turned yellow/...
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Elephant Ear Alocasia not doing well!

This plant was huge when I first bought it but it had a severe infestation of millipedes and since then has been struggling. I'm also don't think the plant was getting enough light and probably too ...
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