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What kind of weed is this and how should I kill it in St. Augustine [duplicate]

I tried to take a closeup and a far away view. It looks a lot like the St Augustine but it's clearly not when looking at the root system. Thanks in advance! Edit: I think it might be crab grass. ...
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Is it possible to kill a large area of weeds organically/naturally?

We've got a ~4500sq/ft back yard that's probably 90% weeds. Is there an organic/natural way to kill off all the weeds so we can start from scratch? With kids and dogs and a swimming pool right beside ...
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How often should you mow a growing lawn?

During the warm months when my grass is growing, is there a mowing schedule I can use to encourage the lawn to be green and healthy? Mine often seems "unhappy" when it's been cut (goes pale, some ...
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Tips on lawn maintenance and weed control

I have a lawn that is growing more and more weeds as the days go by. What is the best method of tackling this problem and returning my lawn to its former lush and green self?
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How do I remove dandelions without damaging my lawn?

My lawn is infested with dandelions. Although they're benign, the flowers are fun to play with and the plant has several useful properties, it sure is an eyesore and I'd like to get rid of it. How can ...
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How do I know when and how much to aerate my lawn?

I have a section of my lawn which seems prone to standing water, grass that doesn't grow very quickly, and seems very hard-packed. I think it's probably in desperate need of aeration. What is the ...
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I reseeded my lawn but the results are patchy. Do I apply further seed, or start again?

I had a tree taken down and the stump ground up. I cleared a majority of the tree mulch and laid top soil, seeded, and put some hay on top. It's been a couple of weeks and the grass is growing in ...
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How do I get rid of the large cracks in my lawn due to the lack of rain?

I live in Dallas, Texas and we've been having some pretty crazy heat this year. I try to water my lawn 3 to 4 times a week so my grass doesn't all die. My lawn is doing pretty well considering how ...
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Should I be concerned about mushrooms in my lawn?

I have an array of several different types of mushrooms popping up in my fescue. There are not enormous areas covered, the largest collection is about an 8-10 inch circle. The rest are small groups ...
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What is "Compost Tea" good for?

I have read that you can get a tumbler type of composter and collect the "juices" from the composter. This is referred to as "compost tea". Does anyone know what the real usage of this is? Some ...
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How do I remove dandelions and bull thistle from my lawn?

My backyard is completely (seriously, completely) infested with weeds -- bull thistles (or spear thistles) and dandelions (the common yellow-flower weed), to be specific. Bull Thistle (source: ...
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How often should I fertilize my lawn?

How often should I fertilize my lawn? Should I follow a certain schedule? I have heard of people fertilizing on around holidays [US: Easter (sometime in April), Memorial day (last week of May), fourth ...
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How can I tell if my lawn needs to be dethatched?

I understand that a lawn may need to be dethatched periodically so the roots of the grass can reach into the soil (instead of into the thatch layer). How do I tell if my thatch layer is getting too ...
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What is the best way to sharpen a lawn mower blade?

One of those "I really must get around to..." questions, but what is the best way to sharpen a lawn mower? My own lawn mower is a fan blade (i.e. flat blade on a vertical axis), but for maximum ...
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Should I bag lawn clippings from a crabgrass-infested lawn?

I know all the recommendations are to NOT bag the lawn (assuming a mulching mower), however, given a crabgrass-infested lawn (approx 50% surface coverage is crab grass), is it better to bag the ...
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