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Liquid extract or dissolved solution made from steeped compost.

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Will the dead mice I found in my compost tea poison my veggies?

I poured compost tea on all my vegetables in the garden. Afterwards I found two dead mice at the bottom of the bucket. Do I need to pull up my plants and throw them away?
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How much aeration does my compost tea need? How do I provide it?

I've decided to try out active aerated compost tea but I'm unsure of how much aeration to provide, and how. I've seen that I should target 5.5+ ppm oxygen in the liquid, but I have absolutely no ...
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Can dandelion seeds be killed by drowning them in a bucket of water for 30 days?

I used to put dandelions inside of a composting barrel with lawns clippings, unwanted junk mail (paper), etc... However, the dandelions survived the composting process. I would put the dandelions in ...
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My home made compost produces leachate which smells a bit and is mixed with soil underneath, can i use that soil?

I've used a plastic bin with several holes done into it as a composting container. The content are all veggies and fruit leftover. The compost gives out excess water (called leachate / compost tea). ...
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Making emulsion out of slaughterhouse waste

I have previously made fish emulsion to fertilize a small greywater garden; pretty much sealing fish waste (entrails, bones, skin) into oxygen-free plastic containers and leaving it for 6 months to a ...
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Compost tea - any combination of ingredients not OK?

I want to make compost tea for my tomatoes but was wondering if it is OK to add several ingredients at once or if there are any that shouldn't go together. Also, should I add more water for each ...
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What is actively aerated compost tea?

I've read about compost, and compost tea, but now I've become aware of a newish solution on the block, namely actively aerated compost tea (ACT) versus the traditional non-aerated compost tea. What's ...
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Can I create a fungi dominant compost tea by brewing it in lower pH water?

I have a lot of cheap compost available from my local landfill, but I would like to create a fungi dominated compost tea to apply to my perennials. Is it possible to create such a tea by using a lower ...
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What sort of insects are these?

I threw some infected tomato, and potatoe plants into a bath, and hope to drown all the pests including psyllids. But then these slimy things appeared in the liquid. Their body is the same size as ...
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Which is preferred: worm castings or worm casting tea?

I was just wondering, for fast results in plants, which would you prefer: applying worm castings on the top soil or using worm casting tea, and why?
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What should not be put in compost tea?

Over the years I have seen examples of people making a type of compost tea which is made by using a large barrel filled with about 70 - 80% water and then adding all sorts of stuff. Some examples I ...
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What is the difference between compost tea, manure tea, compost leachate and herbal tea?

We have seen several questions recently about compost tea. We have also seen questions about manure tea and at least one question that referred to compost leachate as "compost tea." What are the ...
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How does one make compost tea? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to make manure tea without e. coli In this post, the benefits of compost tea were discussed. In short, it promotes growth, nourishes the plant and the soil, and helps keep ...
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How is manure tea made without E. coli?

As the title would suggest, I may or may not have given my kids e. coli by steeping a bag of what I thought was mushroom compost in a 35 gallon drum and watering my garden with it. (I know it was ...
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What is "Compost Tea" good for?

I have read that you can get a tumbler type of composter and collect the "juices" from the composter. This is referred to as "compost tea". Does anyone know what the real usage of this is? Some ...
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