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In The Martian, Mark keeps the largest potatoes for his food supply and replants the smaller ones. Doesn't this cultivate smaller potatoes?

I was watching The Martian, and there is a scene with Mark harvests his potatoes and says that he keeps the larger ones for his food supply and replants the smaller ones. Wouldn't this create a ...
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Stages of leaf drop in trees

A red maple that is over 10 years old, but less than 20 in the Mid-Atlantic region of U.S.A. has dropped some leaves. I did not see any change in the leaf color before these leaves started dropping. ...
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How to draw with a plants on the concrete wall?

I have a concrete(stone) vertical wall? I want to put picture on it using plants. I have several limitations: I can not place external blocks to let plants growth on it. Initially picture should not ...
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Does my rose flower have another flower bud in it?

Title says it all... what's going on with my rose flower? [Update]: The inside flower has now also opened!
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Is it safe to water my plants with diluted Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)?

I occasionally use TSP (Sodium Triphosphate) to degrease and clean mechanical parts for restoration work. It's very effective, but I'm a bit concerned about dumping the resulting waste solution down ...
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Is there a way to revive these over watered and "rain soaked" Duranta plants?

I'm a hobbyist gardener and totally new to this craft of botany, so need some expert help here. Last month on 15th November, I bought these Golden Duranta Plants from a nursery nearby which were about ...
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Can you identify this blooming plant?

I found this plant and tried identifying it online based on leaves/buds but got no results. The location is North East US, during the day, March 5, 2020. Any idea what this plant is called?
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What is the plant genus or species which is most durable to darkness?

I would like to buy indoor plants to put them in a room which usually have a very low amount of natural and/or artificial light. I understand that such indoor plants are usually low-height (up to 1 ...
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Seedling growing into adjacent seed

I planted 5 seeds for a Norway spruce (Picea Abies) on January 12, 2020, and so far I have three seedlings that are growing at a similar rate (though one is a bit bigger). I noticed something very ...
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What is the driving force behind flower stalks growing towards the light?

When a plant starts to flower, the flower stalk grows towards the light. If a potted plant has a flower stalk, a pedicel, already growing in towards the sunlight, then the same potted plant is ...
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Can a plant survive bottled in its own ecosystem for 50 years?

I came across a story on about David Latimer, who put spiderwort plants into a bottle garden ("terrarium") in 1960, watered it in 1972, and then sealed the bung. The plants have been living, ...
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What kind of Dieffenbachia is this?

I'm quite sure this recently acquired beauty is a Dieffenbachia, but I can't seem to figure out what kind. Also, I really can't find any list of all kinds with photos or other good identification ...
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Caring for Edelweiss (suddenly started withering)

I recently bought a pot of Edelweiss in central Switzerland, in a village at an elevation of ~600m. The plant was looking healthy enough and was one of about a dozen pots ligned up outside the shop in ...
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What are good introductory texts on botanics and horticulture?

I refer with this question to those among you who have a strong background and work in fields like: botanics, horticulture, dendrology, etc. I would like to start building a solid preparation, both ...
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