I live in Orlando, Fl. I planted these plants in late February and they started to flower two months later and no fruit. I have tried the paintbrush way to pollinate the plants. I've tried the tapping way. Also took one flower off and rubbed it on other flowers from different plants.

I have 5 plants from 3 different sources.

The plants are all around 3-5' tall and very bushy and tons of flowers, they get great sun and I give them fish fertilizer once a month. They get watered once a day in the early AM by drip nozzles (each plant it's own nozzle). I give then pellet fertilizer every two months.

The plants are growing well and getting bigger every day. But no fruit. The plants are outside in a new raised bed, and get great sun.

What am I doing wrong that I can't get fruit.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

  • +1 awesome and exciting question that can only be improved with a photo. Please report back in an year or two how You solved it! I stand by the answer below that too much nitrogen is being applied. Possibly.
    – Vorac
    Commented Sep 4, 2023 at 15:15

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We don't do anything, they just fruit. I think that you are overfertilising them (especially Nitrogen).

According to Why Do Eggplants Have Flowers but No Fruits? there are 4 reasons

There are 3 general reasons why eggplants produce flowers but bear no fruits:

  1. incorrect watering,
  2. failure to self-pollinate,
  3. over-fertilization of the soil, and
  4. less than optimal weather.

It might look daunting but these problems are fairly easy to solve and do not cost the gardener much.

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