enter image description hereI have a pile of small wood chips from felled trees. I want to create black mulch. Can I do it and how?

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You can buy mulch dyes in a variety of colors. A simple google search will reveal many sources. I have no idea what's in them, but one said "environmentally safe", whatever that may mean.

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    sprayed my mulch with a product like you suggested and it looks great. If it's mulch it's perfect; doesn't work so well on twigs or areas with sparse mulch. Think it is a great idea to refresh every other year to save money. – Marinaio Aug 2 at 23:29
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    If you think about it, stop by again next year and update us on how it holds up over time. – DCookie Aug 4 at 1:35
  • I will. You can see the difference. My thinking is to re-mulch every OTHER year and color the next. It doesn't color the dirt so well and the mulch gets kicked around. But if it saves me $8K/yr it's worth it. – Marinaio Aug 4 at 19:06

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