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Why does my grass have bright green patches?
3 votes

yea, it's a different type of grass. if you let it grow, you'll see it grows similar to onion grass or a beach grass. If you want to get rid of it, let it grow, which will help you identify it, pull ...

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How can I fix a lawn which has become patchy?
2 votes

My understanding is your lawn problem is part plant, part canine. Your dog's urine is burning your lawn, weakening it, and then killing it. (female dogs, in particular, cause this issue.) While your ...

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How do I start a new lawn?
2 votes

Scotts has some grass fertilizer for new seeding/new lawns. I've used that. Seeding a new lawn is a tough and time intensive process. - while you can throw the seeds by hand, it will cause a ...

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Laying down Fescue sod in North Carolina in Late October. good idea?
1 votes

With some additional information, it appears that the salesman gave me good advice. Fescue is a cool weather grass, and it is best to plant it in the fall ...

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How soon can I apply pre-emergent herbicide after a dormant overseeding?
0 votes

Sorry, I probably won't answer your question. My advice is to overseed after (weeks) you put your pre-emergent down. The point is that you cannot control when the weeds and crabgrass will germinate: ...

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How do I quickly remove crabgrass without too much manual labour?
-2 votes

No. There are no post-emergents that specifically kill crabgrass without killing lawn grass. Spray and pull to kill existing grass and use pre-emergents in fall and early spring.

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