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What to plant after plowing before winter?

A common saying is that you should never leave the soil without any vegetative growth. We plowed our farm and planted garlic on half of it. The other half is empty. What is the appropriate culture ...
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Can I water indoor fruit trees with aquarium water?

I have kiwi, lemon, orange, mandarin and avocado trees, grown from seed from normal fruit which I have eaten. I also have an aquarium with turtle. I've treated aquarium water with ReptoSafe and ...
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When does red clover (cover crop) go to seed?

This seems like a silly question, but I'm struggling to find an answer on google. When does red clover go to seed? I am planting it now, in combination with Italian Rye, as a cover crop. When do I ...
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Peas as green manure

I'm planning to boost my tired raised beds this year with green manure based on peas. The idea is to seed the peas as soon as weather allows it. Once they have grown I would dig them under. Here are ...
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