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Questions tagged [bee-attractive]

Plants that attract bees and other similar flying insects important for pollination and wildlife.

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Is Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' attractive to bees?

Is Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' attractive to bees and other pollinators? This cultivar has gorgeous, but sterile flowers, so I am puzzled if it produces nectar or pollen at all, which would make it ...
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Do bees from different continents have different "taste"?

I live in Europe, and planted several non-native perennials, most notably: echinaceas hellenuims rudbeckias For all species, I chose several cultivars, for the sake of experimenting. Although all ...
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Greenhouses and bees [closed]

It would seem that bees around the world are in trouble, partly as a result of what appears to be the widespread use of pesticides in agriculture. If greenhouses naturally inhibit the spread of garden ...
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What is a good tree to attract pollinators in late summer?

I am looking for a good August blooming tree that is bee frequently. Searching the internet I seem to just get a different mix of the same results of my searches. When I search For August blooming ...
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Is this my Bee Balm or just a weed?

I have a large open area in my backyard that is sloped where i dont want grass because it would be dangerous to mow. A couple years ago i went to a local gardening shop and asked for recommendations ...
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Is there a bee hive that works with a tap?

I'm currently building a king stropharia bed, so I'm wondering if I could collect honey on a tap without really disturbing the bees as a function stacked on top of the mushroom function. My neighbor ...
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Bee-attracting tall shrub with cones of tiny cream-white flowers in Colorado?

We live at 7000 feet and have a volunteer shrub that is over 6 feet tall. The flowers are about 1/4"-3/8"; cream/white colored; with 5 wee petals and a pale yellow, spikey center. Also, the flowers ...
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Removing a killer bee hive?

This morning I found a small bee hive in open space hanging low from a tree here in California, which is one sign they're killer bees. Their wings look smaller than other bees here, but experts say ...
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Need help identificating this bee-attracting shrub

A friend of mine came back from a nearby mountain with this flower from a wild shrub that was very common in the area where he walked. The area where these are found is the west-Alps, around -1300- ...
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What can I plant to attract butterflies and other pollinators in Minnesota?

A lot of plants can pollinate themselves. Fruits: Tomatoes, Strawberries Vegetables: Peppers, Eggplant, Snap Beans, Lima Beans, Lettuce, Endive, Peas, Cabbage, Broccoli, Beets, Kohlrabi ...
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