I am an inexperienced gardener looking for some advice on whether to pare back the groundcover from around the base of trees and shrubs.

My garden was planted by landscapers around a year ago for my new house. Since then the ground cover (Myoporum parvifolium ) has taken off and is spreading everywhere including covering the base of the vines (ornamental grape vine), shrubs and trees (japanese maples). Should i be cutting a space in the groundcover around the base of other plants?



  • abc.net.au/gardening/how-to/native-tidy-up/9437508 "Don't prune hard every year; tip-pruning is usually enough. It's also a good time to re-train groundcovers, to get the ground you want covered, covered! Try pinning into place with something like a tent peg, coat-hanger, rock or purpose-made landscaping pin." Oct 19, 2022 at 5:48

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I am also an inexperienced gardener so please take this with a grain - no, a bucket - of salt.

Effects of groundcover:

  • Reduced water evaporation. Water your tree less often. This is the main part.
  • Fewer weeds.
  • Zero chance to plant flowers(probably that is zero problem for You).

Etcetera. All this points to indeed planting a groundcover. AFTER a more experienced user of this website advises so.

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