I've got eggplant, cabbage and cauliflower seedlings growing inside in peat moss with some all-around fertilizer (24-8-6). However, the edges of their leaves are drying and curling up, and some of them have dry, beige spots in the middle. I thought it might have been a calcium deficiency, so I boiled some eggshells and added them to each of them. I've attached an image of the cabbage seedlings. It's been 2 days now, and their condition is deteriorating. First of all, is this indeed a calcium deficiency? And if so, what should I do to rapidly restore the leaves?

cabbage 1

cabbage 2

cabbage 3

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It looks to me, they are over fertilized. Especially if you add 24-8-6. Diluted 1-2-1 should suffice for those growing roots.

  • I actually ended up adding more fertilizer, and they seem like they're doing better now. I'll need to wait for a few more weeks to see if they fully bounce back or not.
    – Reez
    Apr 17, 2021 at 18:43

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