This delicious plant is looking at me and asking me to eat it. May I do so? And how do I know if the fruit are ripe? And will I be enormously injured if I accidentally touch a needle?

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

  • Excellent clear helpful illustrations, maybe note or include something for absolute measurement scale, eg: what are the tile dimensions; And, Absolutely avoid the spines! even very tiny ones! – M H Jul 21 at 13:23

Looks like a barrel or maybe fishhook cactus; according to this https://wryheat.wordpress.com/2009/08/01/edible-desert-plants-barrel-cactus-fruit/#:~:text=Most%20cacti%20bloom%20in%20the,prickly%20pear%2C%20and%20barrel%20cactus., all cactus fruits are edible, but not all are palatable. The fruits on this one still look a little green, but you can try one if you like.

As for the spines, avoid stabbing yourself with them - it will be painful and may cause a nasty injury, though they are not actually poisonous.

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    Yeah fishhook barrel maybe, Ferocactus. Fishhook cactus is Mammillaria, which this is not. I agree with bamboo, almost all cactus fruit is edible, but not necessarily tasteful. Try to find a prickly pear instead. – benn Jul 21 at 12:04
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    yes, looks less like fishhook variety, & doesn't look like their habit – M H Jul 21 at 13:18

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