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Can I get some help to identify the vine please? I have dug a couple up which have single large root, almost like a parsnip?

Many thanks


It looks like it might be some kind of Marah, or wild cucumber. Apparently (by wikipedia), there are lots of different species of this. When you say it has a root like a parsnip, it sounds like it might be one of them, because they seem to have interesting taproots.

Example here:

humongous wild cucumber root Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Hope your weed isn't as bad as that.

  • WOW. I thought it was Rubus, Blackberry initially but a big tap root? Interesting Lorel...! – stormy May 25 '18 at 22:23
  • I think I can see in the picture some long curly tendrils that the plant uses to grab onto its environment and help it climb. Blackberries don't have those tendrils, but squashes & cukes do. ...(grapes do too of course) – Lorel C. May 25 '18 at 22:27
  • Nice catch...great eyes. I think I can as well and that is a perfect point. I like that thinking...wish we had a way to blow up pictures more clearly. Good job, Lorel! – stormy May 25 '18 at 22:57
  • Thanks for the comments, turns out it’s white bryony? – Sarah May 28 '18 at 19:53

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