I recently visited an urban farm and was intrigued with their irrigation system. I haven't been able to find the components online either because they built it from scratch or I'm using the wrong terms. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the set up.

The main line is pvc pipe with holes rather than polyethylene pipe and it had 1/4" tubes coming from the pvc directly to each individual pot. Water drips out in drops rather than as a stream.

Anyone has an idea what this system is called or where to get the components?

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Without a photo, I'm only taking a stab at describing what I think you saw. There are many different names for this product, and it's made by at least Rainbird, Toro, and Netafim (probably others), but the larger tubing is probably call drip line (url was chosen for the photo rather than a recommendation of a specific product). It usually comes a bunch of layouts with 2 variables - rate of flow (in gallons per hour), and distance.

If you haven't worked with low flow irrigation before there are some good manuals out there, or I can try to summarize for you if you'd like.

  • It's similar to this blueearthsustainable.com/drip-systems/… I found it while looking up hydroponic systems. They may have adapted to use with mixed hydroponic and irrigation systems. The urban farm has a short week schedule. I won't be able to find out until Tuesday. May 14, 2017 at 18:21
  • Hydroponics isn't my area of expertise, sorry. You could do the same thing with some blank tubing and barbed fitting, but it might not be cost effective as I think you can only by roles of 50 feet of blank tubing.
    – Ben
    May 18, 2017 at 11:33
  • @MenachemEliyahu - Where you ever able to find out more?
    – Ben
    Oct 28, 2017 at 12:31

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