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How can I keep a jade plant (Crassula ovata) from growing, and keep it healthy?
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Prune it hard. Crassula Ovata can make a very attractive bonsai. If you keep cutting back the leaves it will put growth into the roots and stem. If you search for crassula ovata bonsai on google ...

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How to prevent Sempervivum tectorum (Common Houseleek) from growing in length and not width?
8 votes

It's flowering. Sempervivums are monocarpic so when they flower they die. However they usually form so many offests that the exponential population growth makes up for it. Weak looking rossettes ...

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What are some succulent plants that are suitable to be planted in my office?
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Most succulents require a lot of sunshine. However, there are many that don't mind some shade. Grassland succulents are characterized by extremely long flower stalks that are meant to shoot up above ...

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Should we add gravel to the cacti soil mix for succulent?
2 votes

You really want to match the potting mix to the natural habitat of the plant you are growing and to your watering habits. Some growers go with completely inorganic pumice or fired clay mixes for ...

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What are these white arthropods infesting my succulents?
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Another important step in succulent cultivation is to top dress the soil with a good layer of sharp fine gravel ( I use fish store river gravel). This makes it harder for some pests to lay their eggs ...

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