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What is the best organic way to defeat slugs?
21 votes

Save the beer and make your own traps is my suggestion. It works just as well and is a lot cheaper. Mix the following and let it sit in a warm place, stirring occasionally until you get a yeasty ...

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What is the best way to prevent animals from eating my garden without a fence?
10 votes

Try the plant rue as a border plant. It is a deterrent against deer and rabbits. From what I know, you'd need a lot of it growing around, so I'd say a solid line or two around your garden would be ...

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How do I compost a large pile of branches and heavy shrub clippings?
8 votes

I'd second the hugelkultur idea. I made a couple of raised beds using nothing but branches and a few logs, buried with about 6 inches of soil...The peppers and eggplants that grew out of that bed were ...

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Are there any annuals I can sow this late in the year (end of June)?
7 votes

Calendula, sunflowers (they'll be short), dill & nasturtiums. Not sure if you'll get flowers in a few weeks, maybe 5-7 weeks depedning on your growing zone. Oh, and all those flowers are edible.

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Should I stop runner beans climbing too high?
7 votes

In my experience its best to just let the bean climb. As far as I know, the larger the plant gets, the more beans you'll get, since the plant has a bigger platform and more nodes to produce bean pods. ...

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Paint dumping to kill tree stump, will it affect my nearby arborvitae or raspberries?
6 votes

generally, fruit is the safest part of a plant to eat when considering bio-accumulation of toxins present in soil. This is because it is the last and furthest destination for toxins. The roots tend to ...

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What is this yellow flower?
5 votes

It looks like a buttercup flower. Hard to tell without a picture of the rest of the plant though. Was the plant tall and skinny, with leaves such as the ones on this link?

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