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I'm a Java developer with experience in server development and optimization. As a matter of course, I know SQL and use it frequently. I have a passing knowledge of ActionScript, javascript, python, AHK (a most under-rated tool, imo), and assorted web languages.

I weave chainmail in my spare time, play piano, dance, and play video games.

In case you want my opinion on some things:

  • Oracle TimesTen is a monster. Holy crap though, it is blazingly fast.
  • Guice is a beast which should only be used when you never want people to know where data is coming from. It could be justified by testing, but for the love of all that is holy QUIT MAKING SO MANY MODULES. You need like, 3, for a medium-sized project.
  • Mockito is amazing <3
  • MySQL performs like a drunken elephant, but it's free and easy to use. Also, it's workbench is very nice, and I like it.
  • It is frustrating that most Linux developers act like Linux is the default environment for computers. If Linux is so superior, then why can't it (or at least most of the main utilities for Linux) handle even the most basic crap like a CRLF? Why don't people make many good video games for it? Is it more secure, or do Linux users just tend to actually follow basic security protocols?
  • If you complain about Java 8+ memory management, you are probably using it wrong.
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