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Can weeds be put into compost, or will they grow again when the compost is used?
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68 votes

If the weeds have gone to seed, any seeds in the compost mix will likely germinate when you come to use the compost. These, you have to dispose of differently. Otherwise: Put the pulled weeds into ...

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How do you safely and effectively stop a cat from pooping in your yard?
14 votes

Cats tend to steer clear of very strong-smelling plants like mint and citrus, so you can plant these as deterrents in the areas they like to frequent.

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How can I control thistle in a lawn?
13 votes

I've got the same problem, where there are fields of dandelions just beyond the borders of my gardens. I've also had the same problem, where chemicals would kill the weed off, but couldn't prevent it ...

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What is the point of a greenhouse?
13 votes

Primarily, greenhouses trap heat and moisture. Most plants prefer things warm and damp, so it's an ideal environment for growing fruit and germinating seeds.

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How do I keep an indoor plant hydrated while I'm away?
9 votes

If you plant them in a small plant-pot, you could just take them with you when you move. It'd be a lot cheaper than an automated watering system and your chilli will appreciate the extra care.

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Is condensation on my seed tray an issue?
8 votes

Normally, you want to see condensation on your seed tray. It indicates there's a moist atmosphere inside, which is just what the seeds need to germinate. It doesn't block the light in any meaningful ...

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