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What is this furry white stuff and little white bugs?
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3 votes

It looks like White flies. Nasty little critters. When my heirloom iris got an infestation, I carefully removed the most infested leaves and put them in an enclosed bag and into the trash. Then I ...

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What is this plant, and is it worth saving
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I'm very sure this is a wild rose. Yes they can be invasive, but rather than just dumping it you might think about putting it in an attractive large pot and keep it. They have the most delightful 5 ...

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What is this thin-stemmed plant with narrow leaves in an aquaponics bed in my greenhouse?
1 votes

Also looks a bit like a mustard or rocket plant.

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What is this cone-shaped tree?
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It looks exactly like the redwoods we have growing here in our area of California.

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What kind of succulent is this and why are the leaves wilting and changing color?
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Although you can't see the top of the plant very well it does look like one of the echevarias.

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