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How do I fix dead white patches in my lawn?
3 votes

The earth looks very compact and doesnt from the photos look like there is a good level of good quality top soil. for me, you need to get some good soil, compost and gypsum on top. poke holes and ...

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What is wrong with my rosemary plants and how do I help them?
2 votes

I think this may be powdery mildew.. does it wipe clean? Please post a good closeup pic of the leaves. If so, before resorting to fungicides try cleaning and changing its environment. Clean each ...

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Can I germinate chilli seeds from dried chillies?
1 votes

My wife successfully grows chillies from our cockatoo's bird food. Dried chillies in the food sprouted 100% success rate so far. She places them in coconut seed propagation disks and they sprout ...

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Are these Ficus air layered roots ready to plant
0 votes

A couple of weeks later, I cut the trunk and potted in a mix of vermaculate/organic potting mix. Here are both bottom and top. I have started a new layer on the top piece. Last time, I did not use ...

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