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What are some fast-growing, voluminous vines that are suitable to be grown in containers?
14 votes

How about Jasmine? Not exactly a vine, but there are many species that might be suitable for you. They bloom at night and their perfume is incredible (there are varieties that don't have any scent, ...

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What kind of plants will survive the heat from an air conditioner?
6 votes

I would try a cactus or other fleshy plant.

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How do I get rid of insects on fruit trees?
5 votes

I used a Pyrethrum-based spray with success. Pyrethrum is a natural and effective insecticide made from the Chrysanthemum flower. Its lethal dosage for insects is so low that its toxicity is ...

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How do you deal with disposing of bougainvillea branches?
3 votes

You need thick gloves and long sleeves. Some available products:

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