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Flowering annual and perennial plants, Genus "Tagetes" species, varieties, cultivars, and hybrids.
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Flowering cormous perennial plants, Genus "Gladiolus" species, varieties, cultivars, and hybrids.
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Subtropical and tropical dioecious gymnosperm species, Order Cycadales, Families Cycadaceae, Stangeriaceae, and Zamiaceae.
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Common house plant genus with long leaves 20 to 90 cm long native to Asia and Eastern Australia. Poisonous if eaten. Use it with questions about caring, propagating and identifying Alocasias.
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about a plant of the Peperomia genus. These species generally have thick, stout stems and fleshy leaves, sometimes with epidermal windows. Peperomia flowers typically come in …
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Common, low maintenance houseplants formerly known as Sansevieria now reclassified to Dracaena. Also known as mother-in-law's tongue. Use this with questions about care, propagation and identification…
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