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Plant pots and boxes that hold soil and growing plants. Use this tag with questions about different aspects of containers or problems about plants potted into a specific type of container. Most common…
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Maize, a plant called corn in English speaking countries.
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Planted primarily to manage soil quality.
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Common name for Digitaria, a creeping grass that can become a problem weed.
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Types of vines, typically ones that grow along the ground.
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Growing different crops in the same place during successive seasons.
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Cucumis sativus, member of the gourds with cylindrival "fruit" which are eaten as a vegetable.
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Plant family Cucurbitaceae - contains squashes, melons, and gourds.
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Short for cultivated variety refers to plants that cannot be found naturally in the wild but were cultivated by horticulturalist. Use this tag with question about specific cultivars or questions abou…
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with questions about how to use cuttings when propagating a plant. How take the cutting, what medium to use for propagation, etc.
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Subtropical and tropical dioecious gymnosperm species, Order Cycadales, Families Cycadaceae, Stangeriaceae, and Zamiaceae.
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Narcissus bulb grown for spring flowers.
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Genus of bushy, tuberous perennials; commonly grown for their flowers.
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For questions about damaged plants, trees, landscape elements tools, etc. For questions about pest damage or wind-damage use the [pest-damage] or [wind-damage] tags.
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Common name for plants in the Taraxacum genus.
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Tools and techniques for removing flower heads once they've finished blooming.
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For questions about how to keep deer from eating plants, vegetables in gardens and backyards or how to prevent deer from entering certain areas in a landscape.
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Area of very low precipitation - typically less than 10in/year.
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Gathering of information and facts to determine the root cause of a plant that is failing to thrive.
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Use this with questions about diagnosing browning, yellowing or other spots on leaves, stems or other part of plants. Use this tag along with the [diagnosis] tag.
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For questions related to plant diseases.
For questions about how to get rid of properly of garden waste, leftover chemicals, debris of former landscape elements, etc. For questions about composting organic materials use the [compost] or [ver…
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For questions about how to keep dogs in harmony with a garden or how to protect plants from dogs and other questions about dogs related to gardening and plants.
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For questions about domestic animals (e.g. cats & dogs & chickens) in the garden. For questions related to dogs, use the [dog] tag. Also checkout other animal related tags such as [deer], [rabbits], […
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