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Ratio of carbon to nitrogen, typically in a compost heap.
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Plants which derive some of their nutrients by trapping and consuming animals or protozoa.
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Root vegetable, usually orange, sometimes also purple or cream, where the taproot is the most commonly eaten portion
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Cultivar of Brassica oleracea grown for a white head. Use this tag with questions about how to grow and care for cauliflowers.
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A powered saw for quickly cutting trees and limbs.
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For general questions about the usage and effects of different chemicals. For example chemicals used for wood treatment, etc. For questions about pesticides and herbicides use the [pesticide] or [her…
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Fleshy stone fruit from plants in the Prunus genus
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Common name for Capsicum plants of the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, grown for their often hot fruit. Use this tag with questions about caring, propagating and identifying chili varieties.
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Common house plant genus scientifically known as Aglaonema. Use it with questions about caring, propagating and identifying Aglaonemas.
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Flowering perennial herbacious plants and subshrubs, Genus "Chrysanthemum" species, varieties, cultivars, and hybrids.
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Popular herb, also known as coriander
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For questions about citrus trees, about how to care, propagate or identify them.
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Fine grained mineral component of soil. Lots of clay can cause a soil to be heavy and sticky.
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For questions about what plants to grow in specific climates or how different climates affect different plants or landscaping elements.
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with questions that are focusing on the climbing aspect of different plants that are tend to climb when the correct environment is provided. For example Pothos, certain Philodendron speci…
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Genus Trefolium, well-known trifoliate legume.
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For questions about using coffee grounds as a soil amendment/compost.
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For questions about gardening during cold weather conditions
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The concept of planting different crops in proximity.
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organic material which has undergone decomposition by microorganisms and is used as a soil amendment.
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Liquid extract or dissolved solution made from steeped compost.
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with [hard-landscaping] questions focusing on the usage or maintenance of concrete as a landscaping material.
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Cone bearing, boreal to tropical, largely evergreen trees and shrubs, e.g., Pines, Cedars, Cypresses, Podocarps, Kauri, Firs, Larches, Hemlocks, and Yews.
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For questions about growing plants in pots, troughs and other containers
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