A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions about growing fungi or curing fungal diseases.
For questions about herbs - plants typically used for flavor. For questions about specific herbs use this tag along with the appropriate herb tag like [basil], [mint], [rosemary] and more.
244 questions
For questions about growing plants in pots, troughs and other containers
240 questions
For questions about moving plants between pots or beds.
238 questions
typically below ground. Use this tag with questions about roots in general. How to prune, diagnose issues, encourage better root growth, etc..
227 questions
The process of producing more plants by seeds, cuttings, root division, etc. If possible use tags to further specify the propagation method used: [cutting], [seed-starting] or [germination], [cloning]…
219 questions
raised above the surrounding soil.
217 questions
Miniature version of a tree curated in a small container by trimming its roots and branches. Each Specimen of bonsai trees needs different requirements such as soil type, amount of sun, watering sched…
206 questions
For questions about citrus trees, about how to care, propagate or identify them.
For lawn-fixing and repair questions
200 questions
Usually refers to New World Capiscum plants of the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, but can also refer to plants such as black pepper (Piper) and pimenta.
200 questions
For general questions about plant fruits.
197 questions
For larger scale 'landscape' questions.
188 questions
Large, green-skinned and pear-shaped drupe fruit grown on the tree of the same name
183 questions
Common name for Capsicum plants of the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, grown for their often hot fruit. Use this tag with questions about caring, propagating and identifying chili varieties.
180 questions
Climbing and trailing plants
177 questions
Woody perennial, genus Rosa, grown for attractive flowers.
161 questions
When a plant produces flowers
157 questions
For questions about quantity of sunlight.
153 questions
Family Arecaeae, monocot flowering plants known for their tropical habit. Use this tag with questions about caring, propagating or identifying plams.
153 questions
A plant that lives for two or more years.
150 questions
a culinary herb (Ocimum basilicum) from the mint family. Use this tag for all varieties of basil (sweet basil, holy basil, etc.)
146 questions
Moving plants from one pot to another
145 questions
About modifying a soil's content.
142 questions
Genus of flowering succulent plants. Use it with questions about caring, propagating and identifying Aloes.
140 questions
Questions about when and how to harvest crops.
138 questions
with questions about how to use cuttings when propagating a plant. How take the cutting, what medium to use for propagation, etc.
135 questions
gardener-applied ground covers.
131 questions
For questions about damage from animals
129 questions
Soil used for pot plants
126 questions
Small evergreen citrus tree with yellow fruit. Use this tag with questions focusing on the fruit.
124 questions
Colloquial expression usually referring to arthropods.
121 questions
Questions about how to ensure that plants survive winter, including mulching for protection, or digging them up and storing them indoors while dormant.
120 questions
widely cultivated edible fruits in the genus Malus. Use this tag for questions on both the fruit and the tree.
119 questions
the fleshy fruiting bodies of a fungus, which bear spores for reproduction. Includes mushrooms with a stem and cap as well as any fruiting body, such as truffles or jelly fungus.
118 questions
Method of growing plants in water without soil.
115 questions
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