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Blocky, sweet cultivars of Capsicum annuum.
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with questions about identifying berries or other general topic. In case of identifications please use it along the [identification] tag. Other available "berry tags": [strawberries], [bl…
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Winged warm-blooded creatures, family Aves.
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For questions about planting to attract and support birds
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Edible fruit from several species of genus Rubus.
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Plant disorder caused by Calcium deficiency.
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Flowering plants of genus Vaccinium; grown for their fruit.
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When a plant produces an unwanted flower head immediately before dieing.
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Miniature version of a tree curated in a small container by trimming its roots and branches. Each Specimen of bonsai trees needs different requirements such as soil type, amount of sun, watering sched…
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Flowering thorny vines and bushes, Genus "Bougainvillea" species, varieties, cultivars, and hybrids.
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Tree of genus Buxus, also known as "box".
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A cross between a European Raspberry, Common Blackberry, and a Loganberry.
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Plants in the 'cabbage' family, a genus of mustard.
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the sugar content of an aqueous solution.
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Vegetable taken from the large flower head of a plant in the cabbage family
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For questions concerning the mostly epiphytic Bromeliaceae family, of which Ananas comosus (pineapple), Tillandsia usneoides (Spanish moss) and house plants are some of the best known. Many have stiff…
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Colloquial expression usually referring to arthropods.
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Short stem with fleshy leaves that acts as food storage during a plant's dormant period.
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part of the class of Insects in the order Lepidoptera. Moths are also included in this order. Adults butterflies have large, often brightly coloured wings, and conspicuous, fluttering …
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Cultivar of Brassica oleracea grown as a leafy green vegetable.
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Member of the family Cactaceae. Desert succulents, but for non-cacti succulents use the [succulents] tag. Use this tag with questions about caring, propagating and identifying cactus.
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Flowering evergreen shrubs and trees, Genus "Camellia" species, varieties, cultivars, and hybrids, including "C. sinensis" and "C. sasanqua" cultivars.
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Flowering subtropical and tropical rhizomatous perennials, Genus "Canna" species, varieties, cultivars, and hybrids.
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