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Cultivated summer squash, also known as a courgette.

Zucchinis (also known as courgettes in the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand) are a type of cultivated summer squash. In common with a number of other es, they are a of Cucurbita pepo. They are typically a green color and usually have a similar shape to a . They can grow up to a metre in length, but they are usually harvested at about the 0.5 m length.

In common with other squashes, the zucchini is botanically an immature fruit() but is considered a vegetable() for culinary purposes.

Nutritionally, Zucchinis are low in calories but have high levels of foliates, Vitamin A, and Manganese.

Zucchinis are considered an easy crop to grow in temperate s. This can result in over-abundance at harvest time - some people control this by harvesting the flowers which can be eaten as an expensive delicacy due to their short shelf life.

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