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It is 1st year teasel: The roots are very medicinal


You don't say whether you are using professionals to design and plant the garden; if you are, they usually clear the area prior to doing the work anyway. However, if you are wanting to do all that yourself, the usual advice when taking over a new property is to wait a year before radically clearing the gardens, although anything large or out of control you ...


First recommendation is to draw a plan of the area with broad measurements marked, compass points, building locations and so on. You may already have a base plan as a result of the real estate transaction. Make sure survey markers are highly visible and respected. Then invite the local utility people in to mark where their sewer, water, electricity and gas ...


I think you’ll want to excavate and sift the soil to remove bulbs and unwanted root material that may try to resprout. Bamboo especially is very tough and can break concrete under the right conditions.


I don't know what they are, I moved from one house which did not have them to another house 4 miles away and they are all over. Trick to pulling them out is pulling from the very bottom, just below the dirt surface.


We have six acres and two dogs that have to go running two or three times a day. When we go walking, we take a container of table salt with us. When we run into a thistle we pour about a spoonful of salt right in the middle of the plant. The next day it will be black in the middle and dying. Works on all prickers.

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