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At every plant nursery I've worked at, "soaking" is used as a last ditch attempt to revive a plant that was missed during watering and had "crashed" (complete wilt). This involves filling a 5-gallon pail with water up to the height of the plant's pot and immersing the plant for several hours. Often, this works well enough to keep the ...


I can't see what you read but how I define soaking as immersing the item in water for a period of time. i.e. soak bare roots for 2 hours, soak sees for 24 hours. I think that is different than when somebody says "soak it with water" which is more slang for water it a whole lot.


Not all Lavender varieties do well indoors as houseplants - there's a guide here about which types are more likely to, so which variety you bought may be part of the problem. I cannot tell if the soil is dry or not, but the plant does have the appearance that suggests ...

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