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There is nothing you can or should do to try stop drought affected leaves from dying back. If the roots haven't been completely killed by drought, you may find new shoots starting to grow at soil level, so just keep the pot watered as necessary, but not soaking wet, water only when the surface of the soil feels dry to the touch, not at all if the soil ...


Avocado are not really suitable for small pots, the bigger the pot and the higher you pack in the soil the better.


A study published in concluded that "Generally the results showed that human urine compared well with urea as a source of N for crops but optimum rates depend on the sensitivity of the crops to soil salinity, which should be monitored where human urine is regularly used for fertilizing crops." There are many communities where urine is regularly ...


None at all - human urine is a useful component on compost heaps, and if sprayed on grass, will likely make it grow thicker and greener - but only in limited in amounts,and never in contained plants. Too much uric acid for any plant in a pot, especially the amount and frequency you're talking about. Put some pants on and use the bathroom instead... UPDATE ...

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