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Based on the big brown bulb and the stem I think it is a Stephania erecta. The baby leaves could look similar: Stephania erecta Plant Care 4: Leaves!. Mature leaves will be more round but they still have a pointy part.


It may or may not survive, but as you acted immediately, you might be lucky. The only thing I would have done differently is to use a short piece of thin stick, like a piece cut from a short green plant support/cane, lay that along the length of the join and then tape the whole thing to give more support to the area. Wire is better than nothing, but if its ...


If, as you say, the pot has a drainage hole, then over watering is not really possible. Water it thoroughly each time, enough that some runs out of the bottom, then wait till the surface feels just about dry to the touch before watering again. It does look as if the soil level in the pot is slightly high, it should really be good inch below the top of the ...


From the description, I assume the stem broke from the base and detached from the roots. Normally rooting in a "wet" box (covered to retain moisture) is ideal, especially that the leaves are already wilted. You may resort to rooting it in water (while also covered to retain moisture) for best results. If a stump was left above the ground, where the ...

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