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We contacted the vendor and they believe that this is Oedema brought on by high-humidity (presumably from being brought inside, and perhaps by over-watering?) We moved it to a less humid location and reduced the watering somewhat, the waxy surface gradually receded, and didn't return the next year. Success!


Sure looks like canker disease to me. ' CANKER, plant disease, caused by numerous species of fungi and bacteria, that occurs primarily on woody species. Symptoms include round-to-irregular sunken, swollen, flattened, cracked, discoloured, or dead areas on the stems (canes), twigs, limbs, or trunk. Cankers may enlarge and girdle a twig or branch, killing the ...


Avocados are very sensitive to transplantation, repotting, or any disturbance to the fine roots very near the soil surface. Therefore, I would immediately transplant the new tree into a half-barrel or whatever the largest pot you can accommodate. The big issue is filling that pot with a soil mixture that will last for 10 or more years without repotting. My ...

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