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Where can I plant with septic?

It's not weird to want to know where the septic is -- the holding tank, the pipes, and the leach field if there is one. You should not plant trees over any of this. The roots can damage this important ...
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Does anyone know what plant is it?

This is a member of the Ficus family. If the leaves are thin then it is likely to be Ficus benjamina. Keys to identification are: when a leaf is broken white sap comes out pale dots on the stem ...
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What evergreens will tolerate alkaline clay soil in USDA zone 4?

I live in zone 5 in a high mountain desert climate in SE Idaho with lots of wind. Our soil is alkaline, usually ranging in the 7.8 - 8 range. If you pour vinegar on our soil, it will start to fizz. ...
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What is the most valuable tree here?

If you aren't engaging in actual agriculture, a tree's 'economic value' doesn't make much sense to me. Economic value is what the tree would be worth to other people, and who cares about them? The ...
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How to straighten a bent tree trunk that occurs near the root

It's where it's been grafted. Just leave it alone. Here's some advice about how to properly stake a tree.
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