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Yoshino cherry tree sapling care (6 in or so)

If it's intended to be an outside tree, the sooner you get it in the ground the better. At 6 inches/15cm tall give it some protection from deer and rabbits (etc.) with a wire cage staked around it. ...
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spiral tree trunk growth

Natural twist is a complete mystery. I have long been puzzled by it and spoken to several foresters and biologists. There is significant interest in twist in silviculture since it has a large effect ...
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New shoots on spruce trees with photo

Most coniferous evergreens have new shoots from the branches and top every year. That's how they grow. New growth from the trunk where it's heavily shaded by the top branches is unusual, but not ...
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New shoots on spruce trees with photo

I don't think it means anything. Its not a bad sign. If you have pruned a lot, then it may be a survival mode thing.
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How hot does a well-managed compost bin get in winter? And can that heat protect a frost-vulnerable tree?

I love weird ideas! The good folks at Cornell Composting say: A well-designed indoor compost system, >10 gallons in volume, will heat up to 40-50°C in two to three days. ...commercial or municipal ...
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