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Spraying Insecticides overhead - without getting covered with insecticide

The spray needs more pressure so that you spray from the side up to the tree top. I have sprayed fruit trees may years with a 3 gallon hand pump sprayer with no problem. Also ,most nozzles adjust to ...
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What is the problem for this 6yo maple and does it need intervention?

The tree is definitely NOT a Red Maple, which is Acer rubrum, but is Acer platanoides, as @kevinskio has noted. The cultivar is unimportant in this case. This is an important distinction because A. ...
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How to fix Young Eucalyptus Pauciflora Niphophila bending over?

If wind from a certain direction is more common than wind from other directions in your area, then consider shielding. Your tree has started to correct itself by growing branches towards the upper ...
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