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Sorry, this is not an answer but an addendum to my last post... The reason we all need a clean and sharp cutoff blade on the housing is because otherwise it will "gum" the line, and sling out more of it until inertial forces pull wasteful amount of material out of your magazine. Sorta like eating corn on the cob with no teeth. Apologies in advance ...


My dearly departed Dad left us a spool of .080 the size of a battleship gun round, so this should last us our lifetimes! LOL. Our pootie little Ryobi 18V weed-eater bit the dust, so we got a 2nd hand 40V Black & Decker that cautioned "only use .065 line". Well, our donor also gave us pre-wound spools of that size, but I could not rewind the ...


Try googling 'plant pot drip trays' as well, you're more likely to be shown a range of trays suitable for plants rather than china in the kitchen... If you want a decorative outer pot to stand a plant pot in, that's usually called a cache pot. Most of these don't have drainage holes, though some may have a hole with a matching saucer or tray beneath.


I've always heard and used "saucer", which probably came from the practice of using actual old glass/china saucers under plants. Gardeners tend to be a thrifty lot and have been following the "reuse/recycle" ethos for decades, if not forever. Personally, I've used old saucers, pie tins, layer cake pans, square cake pans, and many other ...

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