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Although these are meant to cut up to 25mm stems, in practice, it's better to stick well inside the limit of the cut; in my experience with this length of pruner, achieving a very clean cut on stems at the maximum width is next to impossible. The other drawback with this type of pruner is that, because the length of your pruners requires a two handed ...


There are a few factors to consider: cutting edge sharpness - the finer the edge on the cutting blade the more readily it will bite into a wood surface. Try using the pruner on a hardwood dowel and see if it marks the surface easily, then try it on softer wood such as a pencil. When sharpening, make sure to eliminate nicks and sharpen to one angled side ...


Having the saw on a pole is good; although more work to hold it keeps the dangerous saw part further away from the user. I haven't used the ones with batteries, just several with an electric cord which were fine. I use a battery hedge trimmer (Stihl) and it was fine too

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