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My experience is with a different chainsaw manufacturer with a battery somewhat larger at 6 Ah 36 volts and a much lighter string trimmer. The saw is a very good and convenient tool, but it has a high price point to get started. This buys convenience, lightness and reliability. It does a great job trimming up trees once down, cutting light firewood and ...


Although these are meant to cut up to 25mm stems, in practice, it's better to stick well inside the limit of the cut; in my experience with this length of pruner, achieving a very clean cut on stems at the maximum width is next to impossible. The other drawback with this type of pruner is that, because the length of your pruners requires a two handed ...


There are a few factors to consider: cutting edge sharpness - the finer the edge on the cutting blade the more readily it will bite into a wood surface. Try using the pruner on a hardwood dowel and see if it marks the surface easily, then try it on softer wood such as a pencil. When sharpening, make sure to eliminate nicks and sharpen to one angled side ...


Having the saw on a pole is good; although more work to hold it keeps the dangerous saw part further away from the user. I haven't used the ones with batteries, just several with an electric cord which were fine. I use a battery hedge trimmer (Stihl) and it was fine too

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