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They do not need direct sun , but with a good water supply they will grow faster with some sun. Those around my pond require thinning a couple times a year and they get no direct sun.


It is very leggy and does need 'surgical intervention' in the form of cutting all the stems down to two or three inches to generate new, bushier growth. The other question is, does it need a bigger pot? Turn it out to see if its got roots winding round and round the outside - if it does, it needs the next size up pot, with a drainage hole, and use fresh ...


In general mint does best in full sun and with roots in soil. The full sun gives larger leaves, more robust stems and greater concentration of oils which give the minty flavour. Soil provides the nutrient that allows the plants to grow larger and in good health. Transplant the cuttings rooted in water to soil as soon as may be, and while they are adapting to ...

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