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With the large flowers like this, they can go mouldy after picking. Make sure to cut the fleshy back off the flower if you use the lazy way of letting it dry inside. Of course, as kilobyte says, taking all the seeds out stops this problem.


The question of when to harvest the seeds depends a lot on how safe the seeds are in their current location. If not eaten by birds or varmints, the sunflower's seeds will remain viable outdoors until next spring at least. If you're confident the seeds are fairly safe from pests, it's best to wait until the plant is mostly dead before harvesting, to make ...


It's normal for many kinds of sunflowers. It's not normal for others (such as Mammoth Gray Stripe). However, as benn pointed out, it could be the result of cross-pollination (that's my guess, if you have some of both types from the same packet). We had a cross between Mammoth Gray Stripe and a smaller sunflower before, and the first generation was like that. ...


Some varieties of Helianthus have multiple heads, like the variety Valentine for example. I don't know what variety you have there and where the seeds came from. They look more like a giant kind of variety (American giant?). Since they come from the same package (your one headed and your multiple headed plant), it could be that your multi head is a hybrid ...

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